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Could You Have Inherited Hypothyroidism?

Family history FINAL

Everyone can recognise traits that run in their family, such as dimples or curly hair. In fact, you may even share the same interests with your family, no matter how quirky they are. But did you know that thyroid disorders such as hypothyroidism also run in families and can be inherited?

Here’s where knowing your family medical history can help. If you have any family member who is suffering from a thyroid disorder, then that increases your risk of inheriting hypothyroidism. But how can you know if your family has thyroid problems? It’s simple. Just ask questions during family gatherings and also look at family medical records, if possible.

Then, speak to your doctor regarding your concerns. Your doctor may recommend screening tests and also suggest steps to prevent or delay the onset of the disorder. Don’t wait. Being aware of your family health history could make a big difference to your health.


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