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Hypothyroidism During Pregnancy Could Harm Your Child

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It is an amazing feeling to know that you are carrying your precious child within you. But, did you know your thyroid gland could be harming your child this very moment? Your thyroid is a very little organ in your neck but it plays a major role in your child’s development while in the womb.

Any disturbance to your thyroid during pregnancy could lead to hypothyroidism which may seriously harm  your child’s health if you unknowingly suffer from it. Untreated hypothyroidism could affect your child’s physical growth and also cause your little one to have a lower IQ than normal, healthy children.

Unfortunately, some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism are quite similar to pregnancy side effects. So, you wouldn’t know if you have the disorder until it is too late to be treated. To be safe, visit your doctor for a simple blood test if you seem to be having a difficult pregnancy with these signs and symptoms or have a family history of thyroid disorders. Know that hypothyroidism treatment is quite simple and with treatment, you could minimise the risks to your baby.

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