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Hypothyroidism in your golden years

Don’t Let Hypothyroidism Dull Your Golden Years

As a senior citizen, you certainly want to enjoy your golden years ahead and look back on the good times of the past. However, as you age, your thyroid may slow down leading to hypothyroidism.

Feeling Older Than You Should?

It’s important that you do not accept or mistake your present health conditions as part and parcel of ageing.

Just Ageing or Could It Be a Thyroid Problem?

Is it really true that ageing means having a number of medical conditions and learning to live with discomfort?

Take Charge of Your Health

You don’t have to slow down or limit yourself to a mundane lifestyle just because you are growing older.

Ageing Pains?

Khadijah, 63, began to find it increasingly difficult to complete her daily chores as her body ached for no apparent reason.

Missing the Signs of Hypothyroidism in Your Ageing Parents?

While it may seem like you are doing your best to care for your parents, it is possible that you have been missing several vital health signs, particularly in your mother.