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Take Hypothyroidism Seriously!

How Mummy’s Thyroid Affects Her Pregnancy

As mothers, we always try our best to prepare for a healthy and safe pregnancy. But some things are just beyond our control.

Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy and Birth

Expectant mothers who are experiencing the symptoms of hypothyroidism should get tested immediately.

Maybe It’s Not Postpartum Blues

Amidst all the joy of having a newborn, it can also be a stressful time for the mother as she adapts to caring for her baby.

Do You Need to Get Checked?

Are you worried about your pregnancy and whether your child is growing well? How about after giving birth?

Not An Ordinary Pregnancy

After trying for nearly 2 years, this pregnancy was precious to Radha. But her joy was short-lived.

Hypothyroidism During Pregnancy Could Harm Your Child

Any disturbance to your thyroid during pregnancy could lead to hypothyroidism which may seriously harm your child’s health if you unknowingly suffer from it.

Why Baby Is Affected by Mummy’s Thyroid

Did you know that your thyroid health is so important for your child’s normal growth and development while in the womb?