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Do You Need To Get Checked?

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Are you worried about your pregnancy and whether your child is growing well? How about after giving birth? Do you often feel exhausted, lethargic, or cold with body aches and pains?1

If your pregnancy or postpartum period has been weighing you down, then now is a good time speak to a health care professional and get tested for hypothyroidism . You should also get checked if you do not have any symptoms but belong to the high risk category of people as below:2

A simple blood test at any hospital or clinic will reveal if you have the disorder. You may be provided with thyroxine pills, which is a synthetic form of your thyroid hormones to help manage hypothyroidism. These pills are necessary for the well-being of your unborn baby.1

If you are suffering from postpartum thyroiditis, you may not require treatment as the condition is often transient. However, your doctor will likely monitor your thyroid function through regular blood tests. If you develop severe symptoms of hypothyroidism, you may be treated with thyroxine to help balance thyroid hormones in your body.3


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